Albert Lacey

Post date: Nov 06, 2014 5:23:0 PM

The first generation pioneers of our international GROW mental health movement have been gradually leaving us, first our founder, Con Keogh, in November 2011, and now Albert Lacey on November 2, 2014.  Con and Albert may have left this earth, but they have hardly left us empty-handed.  Con gifted us with a brilliant and practical mental health Program while Albert, his collaborator, left us with organizational and program structures that ensure team-work and prevent bureaucracy.  As an experienced Australian lawyer (or “barrister”), Albert also designed the legal documents which define our GROW structures and give them legitimacy.  If you wonder why we work through teams as we do, you can refer to some of our Policies and Procedures, also our By-Laws and Charter Agreements, all of which Albert designed.  As Con wrote in “GROW Comes of Age,” Albert was indeed a designer and planner for the whole of GROW, but he was also a guide, philosopher and friend to Growers everywhere.

-Carol Mussey