Why Donate to GROW?

We encourage you to help fill a need in mental health care by donating to one of our not-for-profit American companies: GROW in America, GROW in Illinois. Although GROW in Illinois has a small amount of funding from the Champaign county mental health board we have groups that meet all over the state financial  support of friends and businesses in order to operate and develop our program successfully.

Please contact us to learn more about our cost-effective work and the ways in which we partner with the mental health system. Then, consider making a donation. Remember, your contribution is tax deductible. For more information call 1-217-352-6989


You may mail your check or money order to:


GROW in America, P.O. Box 3667, Champaign, IL 61826

GROW in Illinois, P.O. Box 3667, Champaign, IL 61826



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Please click on the Donate button to make a donation to GROW with your credit card or debit card through PayPal's system. Please include a note under "special instructions" if you have a preference of making your donations to GROW in America, GROW in Illinois, GROW in New Jersey or to help with development in Alaska.  Thank you for your donation!