The Surest Way To Make A Task Seem Impossible Is To Keep On Putting It Off

Post date: Feb 20, 2017 4:10:46 PM

This wisdom seems like it could only be talking about procrastination, but it stands to reason: "what are we procrastinating about?"

Are we procrastinating against doing the good ordinary thing that repels us? Are we telling ourselves I am too anxious, it will feel strange, I just can't do it today, maybe I'll do it tomorrow?

When we do this, the next time we are faced with the good ordinary thing it will seem impossible. Our feelings won't lessen, they will get worse!

However, procrastination can be simple too. Having to write on this topic, I could say I don't feel like writing right now, maybe I will do it tonight or tomorrow? However, tonight after work it will seem that much harder to sit down to do some writing. Tomorrow, I will feel rushed to finish on time and will do a sloppy job.

Maybe we admitted we were inadequate or maladjusted to life but we are not ready to co-operate with help? As we get older, our inadequacies and maladjustments will just become more entrenched the longer we wait to do something about them and co-operate with help. We will tell ourselves later on in life that is "seems impossible" because we have lived with them for so long.

Maybe also we are procrastinating to fully surrender to God? We may feel like we still can do it alone? Often, one must hit their lowest points in life to fully surrender to God or one must go through trials and tribulations that they just cannot face on their own. However, just because this is what normally happens, doesn't mean we have to wait until that point.

In the Blue Book, and page 9 "The Supreme Healer" states: "He knows me better that I know myself; He has more control over my thoughts and feelings and actions than I have myself; He loves me better than I love myself; Therefore I will trust."

Are we letting our feelings tell us that we have to do it alone? That we know what is best? Remember that we are not acting alone, but co-operating with the invincible power of loving God and with trustworthy and friendly helpers... Don't you think it is about time to fully surrender your life to the perfect will of God and co-operate with the trustworthy and friendly helpers you have met in GROW? Can you really wait to put if off for another day?