Patch Adams MD, Gesundheit Institute

Post date: Jul 21, 2016 5:3:17 PM

We would like to thank Patch Adams MD, Gesundheit Institute and School for Designing a Society, for asking us to give a lecture at their “Construct your Humanism Program” in Urbana IL on July 20. We shared how our organization works, what problems we face, strategies and advice.

Brenda and Karen were greeted with love, hugs and enthusiasm when we walked up to the “Rainbow House”. This atmosphere continued throughout our visit. There were people from around the world (Korea, Japan, UK, Chile, México, Paraguay, etc.) who work in fields related with care (Doctors, nurses, psychologist, non-profits, social workers, parents, activist, etc.) Brenda gave her personal testimony, was asked question and thanked for her candidness. A history of GROW was presented. Then the floor was opened, many questions were asked and responded to.

It was a wonderful way to start our day! We hope to be invited back again and continue a relationship with the Gesundheit Institute and the School for Designing a Society.

Patch Adams

The School for Designing a Society