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2017 New Jersey O+R Training

GROW In New Jersey 2017 Organizer and Recorder Training

posted Jun 8, 2017, 1:25 PM by John Karnish

GROW In New Jersey held its annual Organizer and Recorder Training from May 10th - 12th.  It was a huge success and everyone greatly benefited. The training was held in the quaint and pristine beachfront town of Ocean Grove. The actual training took place in a beautiful antique inn from the Victorian Era.
GROWERS were brought in from all parts of the state.  We arrived Wednesday May 10th and promptly started training at 2:00.  This year we had many new leaders who participated in the training.  One even represented a group recently formed this past fall.  These new leaders brought fresh insights and everyone in attendance left with many pearls of wisdom to take back to their home groups.
We had two riveting testimonies from Concetta H. and Miguel T.  They both emphasized and instilled the hope of recovery through the GROW program.  These amazing recovery testimonies also gave us a sense of purpose as we continue to help others with the GROW program.
Everyone was extremely helpful in bringing food to share and in preparing the meals.  One GROWER brought a huge helping of her famous tuna casserole and another enough meatballs to make sandwiches for two days!  GROW In New Jersey is very proud of the effort the GROWERS put in to make this such a successful training.  Thank you so much!
Finally we ended with a social on Thursday night, May 11th. It was the perfect way to end the training.  Plenty of pizza was provided by GROW In New Jersey and the other GROWERS helped by providing drinks and snacks.  GROWERS from many parts of the state attended the pizza social and it was quite a lively night.  We were especially blessed to share the company of the GROWERS from the Trenton group.  Live music was also provided by two talented members.  All in all, the night was a huge success.
We left on Friday the 12th and the field workers helped to bring the GROWERS home to various parts of the state.  Many did not want to leave because it was such a special time.  However, everyone was happy to be able to take part in such a wonderful training and they were eager to take what they learned and start applying it to their home groups. 

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